LocalVolt -

One who seeks to generate and consume electricity primarily from localized renewable sources, best coupled with a concerted effort to boost efficiency and generally reduce consumption demands.

Who are the LocalVolts?

"LocalVolts" is a nickname kicked around by the Valley Futures Network energy group, a citizens' group whose mission is "to reduce Valley energy consumption and increase local production of renewable energy with the end goal of reaching energy independence." (01-21-2009)

The current project of the VFN Energy Group is to support efforts underway now to bring Efficiency Vermont's 2013 Home Energy Challenge to the towns of the Mad River Valley. For now here is a quick link to Efficiency Vermont's Home Energy Challenge webpage, but check back again soon (and often!) for specific information, updates and announcements regarding how all residents of the Mad River Valley can save money in their homes by reducing the amount spent on energy costs. If you can't wait, send an email now to LocalVolt (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll get you started on the road to a more efficient, less expensive home energy future!

Thank you,

The MRV LocalVolts